The sky was colour of television tuned to a dead channel.

W. Gibson, Neuromancer 1985

Pearls in the mud.

Asphalt Zeus

Anthropocene. There we are. In ancient times people invented gods. The more powerful version of themselves. Hidden in the sky, throwing thunders from top of the mountains. Now we think we are the gods. Masters of life and death on Terra, our planet.


Apeles ius. Et aut et re pa quis vent et labore cullent lab ium quatur, con pa corerum am voluptatum intinus es sequiam secea dellesciis nis ea consed ullautendel il id ut alitem conseque idus enimaio cusanto idus.


This series fights with my fear of teens, of meeting teens, being teen. The time when you are still little monkey with big muscles and strange voice. 

I was awake while you slept

Profit wins over prophet




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