Souvenir to symbol

Study, 2010. Inspired by essay of bulgarian novelist Georgi Gospodinov about role of a souvenir in former Eastern block. Briefly, in closed society a cheap vacation souvenir symbolizes different, sometimes better, world behind the wall (the West in this respect). During the trasnformation of society the roles are changed. Former symbols becomes souvenirs and souvenirs becomes symbols.
This study shows souvenirs from behind the Iron Curtain which were symbols of dreamed-up El Dorado . Together with official emblems that later turned to souvenirs. You can see a dose for pencils made from Coke can, digital watches, Matchbox toy cars, lighters with naked women or Rittersport chocolate. These were once souvenirs, now symbols of an era.
The proclaimed symbols of peace, international solidarity or space race have become a souvenir of past times. Now it lies as wrinkled wrapping paper in the corner of the room.


funkfu symbols to souvenirs


funkfu symbols matchbox

Matchbox cars

Rittersport chocolate

Sexy lighter

funkfu coca-cola can dose

Dose for pencils

Digital watches

Symbols on wrapping paper

Flags of unity


Peace dove