Dr. Chaos

Dr. Chaos is story of a psychologist that has turned into Dr. Jekyll´s and Mr. Hyde´s character. Now he runs around the city as a mad villain in chromed mask and woodcutter´s shirt. Dr. Chaos surviving in FunkFu Ville.
I admire drawings of Jack Kirby, love Alan Moore’s Watchmen and am literally obsessed with skyscrapers. All these feelings were melting together while listening to MF Doom’s tracks. Result is this character, a sick guy in ‘never-ending Megalopolis’.
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funkfu dr.chaos cartoon illustration collage

Savage Shopper

Wall painting at Café Pavlač

funkfu dr chaos

First appearance of the villain

My piece of pie

I can play a love song, too

No worries

My piece of pie print

My piece of pie print

Oh, yes, try 2 play with me

A comics is coming out soon!

The t-shirt